Here are some highlights from my freelance proofreading work. Not all projects can be listed due to confidentiality agreements.

Academic books

Adam Hammond (ed), Technology and Literature (2024) (for Cambridge University Press, via Bourchier)

Evan Mawdsley, Supremacy at Sea: Task Force 58 and the Central Pacific Victory (forthcoming) (for Yale University Press, via Bourchier)

Grace Jun, Fashion, Disability and Co-Design (forthcoming) (for Bloomsbury, via Typo•glyphix)

Kenjus Watson, Nora Cisneros, Lindsay Pérez Huber and Verónica Vélez (eds), Handbook of Race and Refusal in Higher Education: Like a Path in Tall Grasses (forthcoming) (for the publisher, Edward Elgar Publishing)

Lucila de Almeida and Josephine van Zeben (eds), Law in the EU’s Circular Energy System (2023) (for the publisher, Edward Elgar Publishing)

Marco Sassòli, International Humanitarian Law: Rules, Controversies, and Solutions to Problems Arising in Warfare, (2nd edition) (2024) (for the publisher, Edward Elgar Publishing)

Miguel A. Martínez (ed), Research Handbook on Urban Sociology (forthcoming) (for the publisher, Edward Elgar Publishing)

Virginia Cox and Lisa Sampson with a translation by Anna Wainwright, Drama, Poetry and Music in Late-Renaissance Italy: The life and works of Leonora Bernardi (2023) (for UCL Press, via Bourchier)

Non-fiction books

Beatrix Campbell, Secrets and Silence: Uncovering the Legacy of the Cleveland Child Sexual Abuse Case (2023) (for Policy Press, via Bourchier)

Julie Nagel, From Girls with Swords and Men with Wooden Legs: Taiji in Chenjiagou (2021) (for the author)

Lizzie Waterworth, How To Talk So People Will Listen (2023) (for the publisher, DK Children)

Travel guides

Gillian Gloyer, Albania (7th edition) (2022) (for the publisher, Bradt Guides)

Helen Matthews and Neil Matthews, Heritage Weekends (2022) (for the publisher, Bradt Guides)

Siân Pritchard-Jones and  Bob Gibbons, Africa Overland (7th edition) (2022) (for the publisher, Bradt Guides)

Simon Richmond, Kent (Slow Travel) (2022) (for the publisher, Bradt Guides)

Thammy Evans and Rudolf Abraham, Istria (3rd edition) (2023) (for the publisher, Bradt Guides)


booqlab: academic journals
Bourchier: academic and non-fiction books
Bradt Guides: travel guides
Clean Copy: corporate reporting
Dorling Kindersley: children’s non-fiction
Edward Elgar Publishing: academic books
Flag Communications: corporate reporting
Heidelberg University Press: academic books
Nuanxed: adult and YA fiction
River Publishers: academic journals
Straive: academic books
Sunrise Setting: academic journals
Typo•glyphix: academic books
Write Business Results: business books and marketing material

In-house at the LEGO Group

Before becoming a freelancer, I worked on children’s books and magazines as part of the LEGO Group’s publishing team. Here are some of my favourite projects from that time:

LEGO FRIENDS magazine 2018 reboot

LEGO: Make Your Own Movie: The 100% Official LEGO Guide to Stop-Motion Animation


Jonathan Fenske, I’m Fun, Too!

Max Brallier (author) and Alessandro Valdrighi (illustrator), The Forbidden Power (LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS: Knights Academy #1)

Penelope Arlon, Factastic (LEGO Nonfiction): A LEGO Adventure in the Real World

Penelope Arlon, Science (LEGO Nonfiction): A LEGO Adventure in the Real World

Tracey West, Rogue City (The LEGO Batman Movie: Build Your Own Story)

In-house at Cambridge University Press

I was Production Editor for a list of academic journals. I particularly enjoyed working on HSS journals in the classics and archaeology.